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Value each child individually.
Understand & meet the development needs to each child socially, emotionally, physically & intellectually More...


Preschool children are naturally very impressionable, curious & creative, due to their young mindset. We believe that children learn best by doing. More...


Learning is approached with a harmonious balance between inner directed and outer directed activities More...

Kids Safety

"Childhood – arguably the best period of any individual's life. The whole world is their playground. Anything and everything is to be explored and examined. Fear is something that they don't comprehend at all. It's the time to enjoy, to let go, to live life to its innocent best.
Ya, all that is true and right. But for us our kid's safety is the first priority and we will do anything to make sure that Kinder Garten Group kids are safe. Safe against anything that can harm them.

We want our children have a peaceful and safe life!!

As a parent, of course, we do a lot of research and ask around a lot to our friends and their friends before we decide on a kindergarten and day care facility for our child. But however much we take care, still anything and everything can happen out there.

Children wandering off, getting injured or any parent's worst case scenario, the child being abducted or case of child abuse – these are but a few concerns that every parent shares.