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Value each child individually.
Understand & meet the development needs to each child socially, emotionally, physically & intellectually More...


Preschool children are naturally very impressionable, curious & creative, due to their young mindset. We believe that children learn best by doing. More...


Learning is approached with a harmonious balance between inner directed and outer directed activities More...

Kindergarten- At A Glance

“Kindergarten…foundation of a child” is a venture established by continuous efforts of a dedicated team. Our group is accreditated by Govt. of NCT New Delhi and authorized for working all over India.
Under the capable leadership/ guidance of Mrs S. Agarwal, experience of 30ys in the Education industry, Kindergarten…A foundation of Child has formulated a structure that enables a child enhance its learning process and develop richer and better skills.

We do not follow the traditional curriculum and methods of teaching but an integrated method of education evolved through years of experience.

Our aim is to provide holistic development of child through planned activities including music, art, craft, dance, drama, playway activities etc. developing the creativity and imagination, taking a step in the stronger foundation of the nation.

Kindergarten is a symbol of:-
Inner Purity
Moral Guidance
Self Confidence

Our Team

At “Kindergarten…A foundation of Child” preschool, all our staff are highly motivated, trained and receive specialist in house training throughout the year to maintain desired standards of quality preschool education. All the staff members are professionally qualified in various aspects of child education with annual updates in their skills & knowledge. Also we have a sound research & development team, always focused to develop new methods & techniques for child’s development.


To provide a high quality of child care & education that nurture children’s mind & soul to catalyze the child physical, cognitive, motor, social and emotional development, inspired by the natural curiosities of children.


To provide a loving, caring & secure environment for every child.
Make a successful transition from home to school
Encourage kindness, consideration, tolerance & corporation to build an understanding of right & wrong behavior.
Show ability to adjust a new situation.
Demonstrate appropriate trust in adults.
Demonstrate self direction and independence.
Take responsibilities for self well being.
Follow rules, routines and disciplines.
Play and mix with other children.
Recognize the feeling of others & respond appropriately.
Developing relationship with adults.
Develop a positive self image.
Stimulate imagination & develop an interest in learning & exploring.
To encourage awareness of self & others.

Education Policy

Identifying hidden potentialities in every child and nurturing them to blossom by providing an environment that is safe, respectful & responsible and wholly develop the inner abilities of a child.